Month: December 2012

Coastal Carolina Coffee

Coastal Carolina Coffee Delivery Service Coastal Carolina Water offers both a 100% Arabica and a 100% Columbian coffee that rivals other brands in taste. Forty-two individual packages per case. Each package makes 8-10 cups. [divider]   Contact us today for coffee delivery service to your home or office! Get Coastal Carolina Coffee delivered to your… Read more »

Maxwell House Coffee

Maxwell House Coffee Delivery Service A true American classic, Maxwell House is a special blend of high-quality coffee beans expertly roasted to deliver a rich, full-flavored, consistently great-tasting coffee that is Good to the Last Drop®. Available in Regular or Decaf. Coastal Carolina Water can deliver Maxwell House coffee plus additional coffee and tea accessories… Read more »

Hot Water Products

Nothing is better on a cold, dreary day than a mug of steaming hot chocolate, apple cider, or tea made with Le Bleu’s ultra pure steam distilled water. Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate Pure chocolate indulgence! Also available Sugar Free for those cold days when you need a mug of hot chocolate but not the calories!… Read more »

Doctor Recommendations

“The ‘gold standard’ for purifying your water is a system that distills your water and filters it.” Dr. Robert D. Willix, Jr. MD Former Cardiac Surgeon Editor Health & Longevity Newsletter “The best system to purify water is distillation, which boils the water into steam to kill organisms…and also remove impurities. The Great Book of… Read more »

The Truth about Fluoride

Prescription for Nutritional Healing, by James F. Balch, M.D. and Phyllis A. Balch, C.N. For many years now, controversy has raged over whether fluoride should be added to drinking water. As early as 1961, as recorded in the Congressional Record, fluoride was exposed as a lethal poison in our nation’s water supply. Proponents say that… Read more »

pH Paranoia – Beware of the “Alka-Lie”

pH Paranoia – Beware pf the Alka-Lie By Jack Barber, (vol.2) It’s an all-too-common misconception that guzzling “alkaline” water is the key to perfect health even though claims about the health benefits (or safety!) of this water are not supported by any credible evidence. This pH myth has created a thriving market of potions… Read more »

Distilled Water VS Mineral Content

Distilled Water VS Mineral Content By J. Anthony Letorney The hottest issue concerning distilled water is the absence of inorganic minerals. Many people are led to believe they are losing out on essential minerals by drinking distilled water. This issue of inorganic minerals in drinking water has been a controversial subject among physicians, nutritionists, the… Read more »

NEWCO Coffee Brewers For Sale or Rent

NEWCO Coffee Brewers use Le Bleu Ultra Pure Water for preparing that perfect cup of coffee! Le Bleu water enhances the flavor of any coffee for an unforgettable coffee experience. The thermal carafe keeps coffee hot for hours after brewing. The NEWCO brewer also has a hot water tap for making tea, soups or any… Read more »

Coffee Supplies: Creamers, Sweeteners, Cups

Creamers, Sweeteners, and Coffee Accessories   Coastal Carolina Water will supply your Hampton Roads or Outer Banks office with coffee products and supplies such as liquid and powdered creamers, various sweeteners, cups, and stirrers at bulk prices.   Creamers Creamer Canister – Powder Liquid Creamer – Half and Half French Vanilla Liquid Creamer Sweeteners Sugar… Read more »

Private Label Marketing

How can you utilize private label bottled water? Churches, Associations, and Non-Profits Custom bottled water is an additional way to brand yourself at sales events, special gatherings or fundraisers. Weddings, Birthdays, Retirement Parties, and Family Reunions What a great party favor for your guests! Add special photos, sayings, poems, etc., to personalize your labels. We… Read more »