Month: March 2013

For Water Softeners, Well Water vs City Water

Well Water Problems A home using a well for its water source obtains the water via drilling to access groundwater in underground aquifers. The well water is usually drawn to the surface by a submersible pump. Wells can vary greatly in depth, water volume and water quality. Well water typically contains more minerals in solution… Read more »

WaterMax® Water Softening Systems for Home/Office

WaterMax® is a patented, comprehensive water softener system; truly the right water cleaner for our age of conservation — highly efficient in water, salt and time. From our computerized solid-state Systems Control to our exclusive directional flow screens, only the most advanced manufacturing processes and materials have been used to build WaterMax® water softeners. We employ… Read more »

Hague Reverse Osmosis System (RO) for Home/Office

Commonly used in both commercial and residential applications, reverse osmosis is a water filtration process that is used to provide the purest quality of water for drinking, food preparation, and even life support. Reverse Osmosis is a filtration process used for water. It works by using pressure to force a solution through a membrane, retaining… Read more »