About LeBleu Bottled Water

Le BleuLeBleu Corporation was formed in 1990 by Jerry W. Smith, who had the foresight to realize the potential of what is today’s bottled water industry. His over thirty years of experience in water treatments and a Certified Water Specialist CWS-V certification by the National Water Quality Association provided the background from which Mr. Smith would develop numerous patents and LeBleu’s patent-pending purification process.

One vital step in the purification process is the oxygenation of the water with ozone.

Do you know that fresh, clean smell of the air after a lightning storm? This is caused by the storm’s lightning bolts literally electrifying the oxygen molecules of the air, resulting in the formation of ozone. It can also be created artificially in water by the use of high-voltage electricity, which is how Le Bleu generates ozone to remove all impurities from our ultra pure water. This process is called “corona discharge.”

LeBleu Ultra Pure drinking water and LeBleu Bottled Water is not only better for your body, but it is also better for most every job tap water performs. When you use LeBleu instead of tap water, the difference is crystal clear:

  • LeBleu makes all food and beverages taste better.
  • LeBleu enhances the flavor of tea, coffee, fruit juices, soups, and sauces.
  • LeBleu makes cooked vegetables crispier and baby formula healthier.
  • Given the choice, your pets will choose Le Bleu over any other water, and it’s healthier for them.
  • LeBleu makes ice cubes clearer and harder.
  • Plants thrive on LeBleu water.
  • LeBleu is recommended for intravenous feeding, inhalation therapy, liquid drug prescription, and baby formulas.
  • Wash your face with LeBleu and notice the difference.

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