Troubleshooting Your Water Products

Got a problem?

Leaky Cooler

This might, in fact, be due to a leaky 5-gallon bottle. On occasion, a bottle will have a pin hole that is not apparent until the water level in the bottle drops below the pin hole. This allows air into the bottle which forces the water through the cooler. Take the bottle off immediately if you experience any kind of leakage. Sop up any water you see in the cooler. Allow the cooler to dry-out for 24 hours before replacing the bottle on the cooler (please use a new bottle). Mark the old bottle and we will refund your purchase price on your next regularly scheduled delivery date. If this does not work, please call Coastal Carolina Water as soon as possible.

Dirty Cooler

Coastal Carolina Water does not recommend that our customers clean their own coolers. Call us and we will gladly bring you a sanitized replacement cooler. We also like to swap out our customers’ coolers once a year, so don’t be shy! Since we are not always aware that you’ve had your cooler for over a year, give us a call when it’s time for replacement.

Stained Coffee Carafe

Is your coffee carafe stained and you just can’t seem to remove the stains? Call us at Coastal Carolina Water and ask us about “THE PILL.” You can ask your driver, too!

Please contact us with other questions about our water treatment and bottled water delivery services.