April Showers … Need to be Filtered

April showers may be clean and refreshing, but what about the water in your home?


Your shower should make you cleaner, but it could actually be making you sicker!

While many of us worry about what we put in our body, we don’t often think about what we’re putting on it. A nice, hot shower always feels good, and the heat opens your pores so your skin acts like a sponge. When your home or business utilizes a water treatment system from Coastal Carolina Water, then your skin is only absorbing the good stuff. But what about everybody else?

Without a water treatment system from Coastal Carolina Water, your skin is likely absorbing lots of chlorine, which is used as a disinfectant in public water systems to reduce pathogenic bacteria levels. What’s more, there are millions of microorganisms and bacteria living within your shower head.

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Chlorine can result in dry, irritated skin and eyes. It also strips your hair of natural oils to leave damaged, brittle hair and a flaky scalp. And it’s not only what your skin is soaking up; it’s what you are inhaling when you breathe in the warm steam of your supposedly-relaxing shower.

Chlorine reacts with organic material already in the water to release a byproduct of chlorine called trihalomethanes, which include the cancer-causing chloroform vapors. Studies suggest that between lung and skin absorption combine, we ingest the same amount through a 10-minute shower that we do drinking eight glasses of water. So how do you protect yourself from the potential hazards of chlorine in your lungs and on your skin?

Not showering isn’t an option, unless you’re fine with losing all your friends. An easier and more effective option is to call Coastal Carolina Water to install a whole home water treatment system for your home, to filter out lead and any other impurities resent in your water supply as well.

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