Better Water Means Better Coffee

As fall descends upon the coast with a cool embrace and a flurry of orange leaves, out come the sweaters, the boots and (best of all) the lattes.

Whether you’re a pumpkin spice fanatic, a purist who takes it black, or a regular joe, we can all agree that it’s coffee season. Nothing else goes down quite as well as a hot, perfectly brewed cup of coffee on a chilly autumn day.

With only two ingredients, it seems simple enough to brew up a pot any old way, but in fact, the opposite is true. The limited ingredients mean that each one must be of impeccable quality, and the ratios must be perfect. By now, you’ve probably figured out the ratio of grounds to water in your home or work coffee maker, but you are most likely making one large mistake when it comes to brewing.

What kind of water are you using?

Coffee is 98% water, so if you’re using plain-old-straight-out-of-the-faucet tap water, you’re missing out. The quality of water used for your hot beverage is arguably the most important factor, even more so than the beans or grounds. You can purchase the most delicious, high-quality coffee brands but if you’re brewing it with murky, chlorinated or city water then it still won’t taste good.

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So, what is the perfect brewing water? Consistency is key.

Tap water will vary regionally and daily, depending on the weather and the amount of rainfall. It also likely has chlorine added, which nobody wants to drink. The ideal water is clear and clean, with no odor and no chlorine added. Cold water is the best choice – not hot or warm, not previously warm but now cooled. All of these factors affect the chemical interaction that occurs when the coffee grounds hit the water and mix.

Coastal Carolina Water recommends utilizing a whole-home water treatment system or LaBleu bottled water for a perfect cup of coffee, every single time. Check out our gourmet coffee, too. We deliver.

Contact us today to learn more about the quality of water in your home and region, and the many ways it may be affecting your household or business.