City Water Problems

Living in the city has some benefits – food delivery, stores within walking distance – but living in the city also has disadvantages. City water is sometimes described as having an unpleasant taste or odd color, and may have numerous undesirables floating around in it.Often these issues are caused by Municipal water treatments that are meant to enhance the water quality.

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  • Sulfur, Iron & Manganese: Affect Flavor, Odor & Color
  • Lead: Plumbing was made from lead until 1980s, so corrosion over time may leave flakes of lead in your drinking water, particularly damaging for small children.
  • Asbestos: Frequently used for insulation or even plumbing, asbestos can cause cancer.
  • Chemicals, Pathogens, Sediments and Micro-organisms can all find their way into city drinking water, creating health problems and destroying pipes.

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