Did You Know?

Water is an essential part of life. We drink it, we bathe in it, we wash our clothes and our skin and our teeth with it. But water has almost unlimited uses, and we’ve barely scratched the surface.

75% of the earth is covered in water; of that, 97% is non-potable, or unsafe to drink. Approximately 2% of the remaining water is contained in the form of ice caps or glaciers; leaving just 1% of the earth’s water to be used by all of humankind. This 1% is utilized for drinking, cooking, agriculture, manufacturing, medical and numerous other uses, by the entire planet. Luckily, water is the earth’s most common resource.

Water is considered “renewable” because of it’s amazing ability to be filtered clean, not because of a continuous fresh supply. That means that all of the water here on earth, the glass in your hand right now, consists of the exact same atoms that have been here for millions of years. We drink the very same water as dinosaurs, as cavemen, as ancient Romans. Therefore, it may be more accurate to classify water as a “refreshable resource.”

If you’re wary of potential germs, chemicals or contaminants in your water supply, call Coastal Carolina Water for a free in-home water test. Learn what’s lurking in your pipes so you can learn how to treat it. As humans, our brains are 70% water, meaning that we absolutely MUST stay hydrated in order to function. A 2% decrease in your body’s hydration levels can result in a 20% decrease in physical and mental performance. Just imagine how much damage contaminated water could be doing inside you.

783 billion of our planet’s population does not have access to clean water, and 8 million die globally each year because of it. In such places where sanitary or potable water is a problem, 80% of illnesses are water-related. Even in countries where clean water is abundant, pollution runs rampant. Groundwater in the United States is hopelessly contaminated with pesticides; while 1.2 trillion gallons of sewage, stormwater and industrial waste are discharged annually into our water supplies.

If you find these numbers disturbing, you are not alone. Water is essential to our existence and survival. Without it, we have no future.

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