Doctor Recommendations

“The ‘gold standard’ for purifying your water is a system that distills your water and filters it.”
Dr. Robert D. Willix, Jr. MD
Former Cardiac Surgeon
Editor Health & Longevity Newsletter

“The best system to purify water is distillation, which boils the water into steam to kill organisms…and also remove impurities.
The Great Book of Health Secrets
© 1991 Boardroom Reports Inc.

“Chronic Fatigue Syndrome sufferers are instructed to drink distilled water.”
How to Stay Out of The Doctor’s Office
© 1994 Dr. Edward M. Wagner

“Distilled water is the closest to pure water. So if you want the safest water you can get, the choice would be distilled.”
Your Health July 12, 1994
Dr. Lamb

Distilled water is the purest form available. Distilled water helps to excrete excessive heavy materials from the body.”
Who Killed Candida?
© 1991 Vicki Glassburn

“There is only one water that is clean, steamed distilled water. No other substance on our planet does so much to keep us healthy and get us well as water does.”
Dietary Wellness
© 1993 Dr. James F. Balch, MD

“Distillation effectively removes the widest variety of contaminants from water.”
Healthy Habits
© 1993 David & Anne Frahm

“There are hundreds of case histories of people who have overcome health problems when they began drinking distilled water.”
Why I Drink Distilled Water
Dr. Clifford C. Dennison, Ed.D.
1922 – (72 years young)

“Distilled water is the greatest solvent on earth– the only one that can be taken into the body without damage to the tissue.”
The Choice is Clear
Dr. Allen E. Banik, OD
1901 – 1992 (91 years young)

“Pure water (distilled is best) is truly one of God’s gifts to us, a source of life and health.”
The Shocking Truth About Water
© 1994 Dr. Paul C. Bragg, Ph.D.
1894 – 1988 (94 years young)

“I have found that distilled water is a sovereign remedy for my rheumatism. I attribute my almost perfect health largely to distilled water.”
Dr. Alexander Graham Bell
Inventor of the Telephone

“Distilled water should play a most important part of the treatment for arthritis.”
Your Water and Your Health
© 1990 Dr. Allen Banik, OD

“You can save yourself much money and the anxiety of falling ill by paying attention to your body’s constant need for water.”
Your Body’s Many Cries for Water
© 1992 Dr. F. Batmanghelidj, MD

Doesn’t it make good sense to drink only the Purest water possible?