Does Water Quality Affect My Holiday Meal?

Juicy turkey, mashed potatoes and Mom’s famous gravy…these are the ingredients to a fabulous holiday meal. But what happens when your household plumbing is harboring some unwelcome dinner guests? That gravy may taste a little different this year, depending on what contaminants are crashing the party.

We use water each and every day, for a multitude of activities and purposes. Even if you don’t realize it, the quality of the water in your home impacts nearly everything about your life, and it can easily taint that delicious meal you’ve looked forward to all year. The taste of your food can be warped by a number of common in-home pipe-dwellers, such as chlorine, iron or iron bacteria, copper, algae and sulfur. As you’d expect, none of these pests do much to improve the flavor.

Boiling fruit or veggies in hard water can also change the quality of your holiday meal. Despite what you may think, boiling water is usually not hot enough to kill off everything, particularly if there is an excess of calcium in your pipes. Instead of soft, tender potatoes and carrots, you may end up serving dry, tough produce that tastes even worse when reheated. Once they’re there, those rude little germs won’t leave until they’re forced out.

To keep your holiday meal invitation-only, call Coastal Carolina Water for a free in-home water test to determine what may or may not be lurking in your household plumbing system. We offer a variety of water treatment solutions, as well as the highest quality bottled water. Don’t let the Ghost of Contaminants-Past haunt your holiday meal this year!

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