Drink More Water For Your New Year’s Resolution

How many of us make New Year’s resolutions we won’t keep past the first few weeks? This is not to say one shouldn’t resolve to make improvements in the coming year, because it’s possible to set a goal and stay to it. If your wish is to work toward better health in 2018, you can add one item to your list that will help: drink more water.

Improved health can start with one eight-ounce glass of clear, filtered water. As we only deal with supplying folks with clean water to enjoy, we can’t make further medical recommendations, but if you intend to drink more we can definitely help! If drinking more water is part of your “new year, new you” plan, here are few tips to see that you stay with it:

Invest in a Water Cooler

You can buy filtered water by the gallon at any grocery store, but unless you shop daily you’ll have to pick up several jugs to keep you in a steady supply. Over time you may become frustrated by lack of space in the kitchen and refrigerator, then you have to deal with constant recycling of bottles. Getting a cooler is one way to save space, time and money when you want quality water in your home. Coolers also make for a good visual reminder that you should have a glass.

Install a Filtration System

Kitchen too compact to accommodate even a small cooler? You can still enjoy fresh, healthy water without losing space to plastic jugs. A water treatment system can filtrate and soften the water from your taps, removing sediment and improving the taste. We will even test your home water for free to determine what you need.

Replace One Beverage With Water

Think of everything you drink in a day: soda, tea, coffee, juice. Some beverages have health benefits, while others have sugar and caffeine. If you know you can stand to cut down on the sweet stuff, try replacing one soft drink or similar beverage with a glass of water. The more you drink water, the better the chances your cravings for the sweet stuff will wane.

Take a Bottle With You

Before you leave for work or school in the morning, fill a travel bottle of filtered water and keep it with you. If your workplace offers a water cooler in the employee lounge, refills are easy. (If your workplace doesn’t have filtered water, you might want to recommend us to your boss.) When water remains within reach, you form the habit of drinking more. You’ll gain more energy and feel alert. Water can also provide a gateway to changes in your lifestyle that help you realize the rest of your New Year’s resolutions.

You don’t have to wait until January 1 to have a five-gallon cooler delivered to your home, or to take advantage of our free water analysis. Contact us today for more information on bottled water delivery or installation of a water filtration system.