Get Your 8 Glasses A Day

You don’t need us to tell you it’s important to stay hydrated. As Spring brings warmer weather to the Outer Banks and Hampton Roads areas, you will likely spend more time enjoying the sunshine. Outdoor activities tend to drain much of your energy, too, and it’s a challenge to get in your quota of fresh water. Drinking eight glasses a day, eight ounces each, seems like the easiest thing one can do, yet many of us miss the mark and feel the effects when we become tired.

So what’s the best way to get your eight times eight, and in turn help clear your skin, flush away toxins, and improve your overall well-being? If you abide by a schedule – work, school, family, and other obligations – it’s only a matter of inserting a few glasses here and there to make sure you hydrate properly. Here are few tips to consider.

Wake up and drink. Well, maybe you need to use the bathroom first, but having a full glass of water should be part of your morning routine. Yes, you’ll want to reach for that mug of fresh brewed coffee, but think about this. You’ve spent the last several hours asleep and your body is basically dry. Drinking water after you wake helps boost your metabolism and ensure everything works as it should when you take on the day.

You can still have the coffee, afterward.

Keep a large bottle at work or in the car. Purchase a 24-ounce sports bottle. If you can find one already marked to indicate ounce measurements, great! Otherwise, use a marker to denote each eight-ounce segment. Fill it up before you leave the house and sip throughout the day, then refill for a second round. Having the bottle nearby is a good reminder that water is your best option when you get thirsty during the day.

If your office or workplace doesn’t have a water station, you may want to let your office manager know that we provide various types of water coolers and large bottle refills.

Skip the soda. Or the iced tea, or whatever you have for dinner that isn’t pure water. With this last glass, if you adhere to the above schedule, you’ll reach your daily quota. Easy, huh?

Now, if you don’t care much for gallon jugs taking up space in the kitchen or pantry, we’ll be happy to perform a home water quality analysis to determine the best filtration system for you. You can have clean, purified water for drinking, cooking, and washing straight from the tap. We know you will feel the improvement in your body and mood the more you drink. Contact us today to learn more about our home water testing for North Carolina and Virginia.