Home is Where the Coffee Is

coastal-carolina-coffee-ctaHome is where the smiles wait, where the food is hot and where the coffee is perfect.

Keep the family warm and happy this holiday season with the delectable coffee options available from Coastal Carolina Water. And the best part: We Deliver! Enjoy your time with family, friends and in-laws this year, and let Coastal Carolina Water take care of the rest.

We deliver the very best in Keurig K cups, gourmet Le Bleu ground coffee in 3 varieties as well as our own Colombian and Arabica roasts. But any true coffee connoisseur knows that even the best beans can be ruined by sub-par water.

Not only do we deliver coffee, but we’ll also bring you the purest, freshest water available with which to brew it. Try our bottled Le Bleu (Kosher certified & so pure it’s used by doctors for dialysis) or contact us to have your water tested at home or work to find the perfect water treatment system for you.

No matter how you look at it, coffee is an essential part of coming home for the holidays. Bring everyone together this year with the ultimate caffeination experience, from Coastal Carolina Water in Hampton Roads, Virginia as well as Camden, Currituck, Dare, Hyde Tyrrell & all the counties of Outer Banks, North Carolina.