How to Protect Your Home Appliances from Pipe Flushing

Hooking up your home appliances to the municipal water supply may seem like a good idea out of sheer convenience, but relying on city water means that you’re at the mercy of their schedule when it comes to flushing the pipes. Cities will flush their pipes periodically to clear out sediment or bacteria buildup in the municipal water system. When they flush the pipes, this can temporarily cause discolored water and a drop in water pressure in your home’s plumbing.

This periodic municipal pipe flushing can create a serious problem when it comes to home appliances like your dishwasher, washing machine (imagine what it would do to your clothes), icemaker, toilet, cooler, hot water tank or refrigerator water tap. These delicate systems are designed to use filtered water, so when the sediment from flushed pipes flows into an appliance, the water can clog these systems and wreak havoc.

In the case of this customer’s water cooler, the heater, thermostat, RO membrane and all three filters were destroyed due to the discolored, sediment-heavy water from their city’s periodic pipe flushing. The unit had to be completely rebuilt at a substantial cost.

What can you do to protect your appliances from the risks of municipal pipe flushing? A whole house Hague water filtration system is the best solution. These systems filter and purify water from the city’s lines and remove impurities and sediment before the water ever reaches your home’s plumbing – or your appliances. Especially since municipalities generally give homeowners minimal notice before flushing the pipes, having a whole house water treatment system already in place can protect your appliances, your plumbing, and your peace of mind.