Long Live Your Pipes

Chances are, you likely don’t spend much time thinking about your plumbing system, or the molecules in your glass that combine to form water.

But when you start noticing a strange scent, a weird look or a bad taste lingering, suddenly your water and pipes are at the forefront of your mind. There are a number of common water problems that can cause damage to your household plumbing, costing you hundreds in unnecessary repairs. Let Coastal Carolina Water help you avoid such costly problems. Contact us today for your free in-home water test and learn how to prolong the lifetime of your plumbing and pipes.

Call us today for a free water analysis test in Hampton Roads, Virginia as well as Camden, Currituck, Dare, Hyde, Tyrrell & all the counties of OBX, North Carolina.

Frequent Causes of Plumbing Damage

Start at the Source: Well water is a common culprit of pipe problems. Most plumbing problems are actually caused by the quality of the water running through them, so it’s important to have your water quality checked, especially if your home utilizes water from a well. But don’t think your pipes are safe just because you live in the city – Chlorine in municipal water can cause cause damage to the rubber components of your faucet, which in turn results in a leaky drip. Give us a call; we’ll take a look, diagnose the problem and prescribe the treatment in a timely and professional manner.

Examine the Chemistry: Corrosion occurs when metal and oxygen meet and form metal oxides. All water has some dissolved oxygen, and therefore the potential for this problematic issue is great. Corrosion can be caused by high Acidity, or low pH levels in your home’s water, and occurs at different rates depending on your water’s chemical makeup. The best solution is to have your water tested for acidity, then apply the corresponding solution: a whole home water treatment system which can reduce not only the acidity but also the salts and dissolved oxygen.

Soften Up: Hard water is often filled with calcium and magnesium, both of which are predisposed to forming scale or mineral deposits inside pipes. Aside from causing damage to your plumbing fixtures, hard water has a visible presence in a home; leaving cloudy marks on dishes, building up on appliances such as dish washers, etc. and eventually clogging the pipes altogether if left unchecked. You may notice that your water pressure has decreased, or that your faucets are dripping even when off. These issues will drive up your water bill, an unwanted symptom of a larger problem. Call Coastal Carolina out to diagnose the problem and detail the next steps to take; most likely a water softener.

There’s lots of potential trouble lurking in your pipes. Be proactive, and avoid the impending disaster, by calling Coastal Carolina Water for a free water analysis test in Hampton Roads, Virginia as well as Camden, Currituck, Dare, Hyde, Tyrrell & all the counties of OBX, North Carolina. You’ll be glad you did.