Drink More Water For Your New Year’s Resolution

How many of us make New Year’s resolutions we won’t keep past the first few weeks? This is not to say one shouldn’t resolve to make improvements in the coming year, because it’s possible to set a goal and stay to it. If your wish is to work toward better health in 2018, you can… Read more »

Start Your Day Right

That first sip of coffee might help you wake up in the morning, but it may be time to replace that first cup of joe with a nice, refreshing glass of water. Drinking water first thing in the morning has been linked to multiple health benefits. Coffee might help you start your day, but consuming… Read more »

The Benefits of Reverse Osmosis Water

Water offers an enormous amount of benefits such as flushing out toxins, improving weight loss, and preventing cramps to just name a few. While water is definitely a smarter and healthier decision than other alternatives like sodas and juices, it’s important to know what kind of water you’re drinking. The reverse osmosis process provides you… Read more »

Does Your Coffee or Hot Drink Taste Off?

You have everything you need to make the perfect cup of coffee: trusty coffee maker, tasty beans, your favorite mug…but something still tastes off. Before you buy a new machine or run through your grocery store’s entire coffee selection, ask yourself: could it be your water? Any barista will tell you that the secret to… Read more »

The Importance of Clean Water Filters

We like to keep tabs on our household tasks. Clean the bathroom each weekend, do laundry on Wednesdays, deep clean the oven every other month. But what about your water filter? It may be something you don’t see every day or notice piling up, but your water filter needs as much attention as anything else… Read more »

Bottom Load Coolers

Coastal Carolina Water is proud to announce our new Bottom-Load hot/cold water cooler. The Bottom-Load means no more lifting heavy bottles, just open the front door and the bottle slides into the base of the cooler with little effort. This cooler features an easy to remove reservoir system, that takes less than a minute to… Read more »

Well Water Treatment

While city water has its imperfections, it’s important to know what might be lurking in your own well water. There are several treatments that can be used to target what’s wreaking havoc in your water. Filter Units If your well water has a rotten egg smell that just makes you cringe, then you might have… Read more »

Stinky Water? It Could Be Sulfur

We’ve had a scorcher of a summer so far. When the temperature hits the high eighties and nineties like it has around here, it’s important to stay hydrated. While an ice-cold bottle of soda quenches thirst, water is the best thing to keep up your energy as you remain active in the heat. It’s what… Read more »

Knock, Knock

Tis the season for decked halls, jingling bells and steaming hot cocoa. Get ahead this year and order your gourmet coffee, tea or cocoa from Coastal Carolina Water. Bonus: We deliver! Contact us today to order your hot beverage products for the holidays. Bring the family together and warm up the season with a hot… Read more »

Caffeination Station

It’s an age-old problem and one that is all-too-familiar: you don’t drink coffee, but your house guests do. With everyone home, the kitchen becomes the place to be and the coffee is always flowing. Satisfy the caffeine cravings of your friends and family with a little help from Coastal Carolina Water, serving Chesapeake, Norfolk, Portsmouth,… Read more »