Water Pollution

Water Pollution Humans largely influence the factors that determine water quality, as they depose off their waste in water and add all kinds of substances and contaminants that are not naturally present. We now know more than 70.000 water pollutants. About 450 cubic kilometres of wastewater are carried into coastal areas by rivers and streams… Read more »

Water as a Raw Material

It takes 5,680 litres (1,500 gallons) of water to process one barrel of beer. It takes 450 litres (120 gallons) of water to produce one egg. To process one chicken we need 44 litres (11.6 gallons) of water. To process one can of fruit or vegetables we need 35 litres (9.3 gallons) of water. About… Read more »

Basic Water Facts

Water Facts 1. Most of the earth’s surface consists of water; there is much more water than there is land. 2. Water can not only be found on the surface, but also in the ground and in the air. 3. There is the same amount of water on earth as there was when the earth… Read more »

Some facts you should know about water

Facts about water Water, the fluid of life and the shaper of the earth, is made from the simplest and most abundant element in the universe, hydrogen joined to the vital gas, oxygen. Two hydrogen atoms pair with a single oxygen atom to establish the triple structure of water or H2O. Water, the universal solvent,… Read more »

BPA & 5-Gallon Water Bottles

Bisphenol-A (BPA) The chemical compound Bisphenol-A (BPA) is the focus of debates concerning health issues and 5-gallon polycarbonate bottles, along with other food and beverage containers. There is no supported evidence or scientific conclusion that BPA is a risk to human health. The potential for trace levels of BPA to migrate from plycarbonate bottles has… Read more »