What Is That Gunk Building Up On My Faucet?

City water, well water, whatever kind of water runs through the pipes and appliances of your home or business, without proper maintenance and monitoring, all kinds of undesirables can creep into your system. Coastal Carolina Water in Hampton Roads, VA & the Outer Banks, NC is here to analyze your symptoms, diagnose your condition and… Read more »

Which Water Treatment System is Right for Me?

With the digital age comes a tsunami of information, surging forward and growing constantly. Knowledge is at our fingertips and gratification is instant – which sounds great, but can make informed decisions difficult. With all this information bombarding us constantly, how do we know what to believe? The answer may be simpler than you think:… Read more »

Is There Lead In Your Water?

How much lead in your water is considered safe? Lead is a toxic metal that is harmful to human health; there is NO safe level for lead exposure. The degree of exposure depends on the concentration of lead, route of exposure (air, water, food), current medical condition, and age. It has been estimated that up… Read more »

The Hydration Cleanse

With a new year come new trends; there is always a new diet, a new detox cleanse and a new product meant to improve your health and appearance, promising to change your life. But what if there was a way to really achieve those results without spending the time and money? If you have concerns about… Read more »

New Year, New Filter

  When was the last time you replaced the filter in your Water Treatment System? If you can’t remember, then it’s definitely time for a new cartridge. But how can you keep track of which filters need to be replaced and when? There are a few signs to look for when your filter needs replacing,… Read more »

Does Water Quality Affect My Holiday Meal?

Juicy turkey, mashed potatoes and Mom’s famous gravy…these are the ingredients to a fabulous holiday meal. But what happens when your household plumbing is harboring some unwelcome dinner guests? That gravy may taste a little different this year, depending on what contaminants are crashing the party. We use water each and every day, for a… Read more »

Why Does My Water Taste So Bad?

  Imagine that the water flowing from your faucet was as pure and clear as bottled water, without the plastic aftertaste. You could bathe, cook and brew with that water, without a second thought about contaminants. Well water, city water, even the water that comes from your refrigerator door can be treated and purified, whether you… Read more »

Quality of Life, Improved

If a simple one-time lifestyle change could improve the quality of your life, wouldn’t you want to try it? Using a high-purity water for your food, coffee or tea, laundry and skin can drastically improve the quality of life in your home. If you think the quality of water in your home or business is fine… Read more »

What’s Lurking in Your Well Water?

“What’s that smell?” Have you ever filled a glass of water from your sink only to gag when trying to sip it? That horrible, choking odor of rotten eggs can mean a lot of things, but mostly it means it’s time to get your water quality analyzed. Contact Coastal Carolina Water for your free water… Read more »

Our Whole-Home Water Treatment Systems

Most of us never spare a passing thought for the phenomenon that occurs when two hydrogen atoms bond with one oxygen atom, forming the vital molecule we call water. But what happens when your H2O has a few extra ingredients added in? Coastal Carolina Water recently conducted one of our deluxe water analysis tests on… Read more »