Our Whole-Home Water Treatment Systems

Most of us never spare a passing thought for the phenomenon that occurs when two hydrogen atoms bond with one oxygen atom, forming the vital molecule we call water. But what happens when your H2O has a few extra ingredients added in?

Coastal Carolina Water recently conducted one of our deluxe water analysis tests on a house in “off roads” Carova, in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Many homes in this remote area do not have access to city water, but well water can harbor unexpected elements as well.

Our partner, National Testing Laboratories provides custom water testing across the country, and their standards are rigorous. After collecting our samples at precisely 1:00 pm and air freighting them to the labs for testing, the results were back in.

High levels of Chlorides and Iron Bacteria were detected, two problem-contaminants which are often misdiagnosed and slip by under the radar, with unpleasant consequences for your plumbing. Chlorides contain compounds of salt, and iron bacteria is often responsible for that ‘rotten egg’ scent (usually blamed on sulfur) and the rust stains you see in your bathroom sinks/toilets, kitchen sink and from your sprinkler system that waters your lawn.

Despite using a water conditioner, this household’s water was riddled with impurities. One single system was insufficient when faced with this cocktail of molecules and organisms, but working with Hague, we devised a solution to fix their problem.

How confident are you that your water system is living up to its promises?

If your current system leaves a strange taste or bad odor, it may be functioning properly but it may be the wrong equipment or it needs additional help. Coastal Carolina Water offers a free, in-home water analysis test to detect potential contaminants and review possible options for your home.

Please contact us today for more information about the Whole-Home Water Treatment System, the Hague Reverse Osmosis System (RO) and the Hague WaterMax® Water Softener System, available in Hampton Roads, Camden, Currituck, Dare, Hyde & Tyrrell counties in the Outer Banks, NC.