Protect Your Water From Odorless & Tasteless Contaminants

Hands filling a glass of water at sinkThe next time you sip from a glass of water, take a moment to think about what you’re drinking, really drinking. You may not smell, see, or taste anything unusual but it doesn’t mean the water from your tap (well water) is a hundred percent pure. It’s important to know what goes in and on your body, and well water users shouldn’t assume what comes out of their taps is safer and cleaner than city water. It’s one reason we offer a free water analysis to our customers and advise on the best filtration systems for homes in the Outer Banks and Hampton Roads.

How do contaminants end up in your water? Pollutants will leach into groundwater over time, and sediment from older or damaged pipes may also come through your tap. When you schedule an appointment with Coastal Carolina Water to inspect your home or office water, we’ll look for a number of elements, before advising on next steps. Some of the things we look for include:

Lead: Older homes and buildings may still use lead piping, and if unchecked lead in drinking water can increase the risk of mental and developmental problems in children. People may also experience kidney problems and/or lead poisoning if too much lead in water is consumed. If you have a newer home, chances are you don’t have lead pipes.

Copper: Copper is a popular option for plumbing, and is relatively safe to use, though it may end up in your water through pipe corrosion or through natural well deposits. Too much copper in drinking water is known to cause stomach ailments and, if ingested over a prolonged period of time, damage to the liver and kidneys.

Pesticides: Do you treat your lawn or garden to keep away bugs? What about your neighbors? Common pesticides, via absorption in the soil, can get into groundwater and risk health problems.

It may feel unsettling when you think about what gets into your water, things you can’t readily detect with your own eyes or taste buds. The good news is that by installing a water filtration system you can make your home or office water safe to drink and use for cleaning surfaces and washing clothes. Contact us today for a free water analysis to learn more.