Stinky Water? It Could Be Sulfur

We’ve had a scorcher of a summer so far. When the temperature hits the high eighties and nineties like it has around here, it’s important to stay hydrated. While an ice-cold bottle of soda quenches thirst, water is the best thing to keep up your energy as you remain active in the heat. It’s what we recommend, of course – distilled and bottled where possible.

In a pinch, though, you might grab a glass and get a drink straight from the tap. There’s nothing wrong with that, but if you’ve taken a sip and experienced an awful taste or smell you might wonder if something’s wrong with your pipes. Before you call a plumber or attempt to resolve the problem on your own, take a moment to determine why this is happening to your water supply, or if the water is the problem.

People who have noticed a funny smell in their water will likely tell you it resembles rotten eggs. In our drinking water, you can find over three hundred different chemicals and elements, but if there’s also a smell it’s likely coming from sulfur and/or hydrogen sulfide. Sulfur can get into a water supply when organic matter decays and produces bacteria, or when soil minerals rich in sulfur experience a chemical reaction. The odor is not pleasant, but generally the water is okay to drink. However, if the presence of sulfur persists it could cause problems, from discoloration of your fixtures to pipe damage.

To determine the cause, first check to see if the smell and taste occur only when you use hot water. If so, it’s possible the problem is with your water heater and not the actual water. In this case you might consider having a plumber inspect and/or repair your unit. If the smell occurs in hot and cold streams and doesn’t fade, it’s a good indication your water source is affected. A water treatment unit, like our Sulfur filter can naturally help restore water for optimal drinking and bathing without using salt or chemicals.

If you have concerns about the safety of your water, Coastal Carolina Water offers a free water test to look for contaminants. Even if you taste or smell nothing, you could still have bacteria present. The water that comes from your tap should be clean, pure, and harmless to consume. Contact us today to learn more about our water testing and treatment solutions.