The Hydration Cleanse

With a new year come new trends; there is always a new diet, a new detox cleanse and a new product meant to improve your health and appearance, promising to change your life. But what if there was a way to really achieve those results without spending the time and money? If you have concerns about the healthiness of such practices, then allow Coastal Carolina Water to introduce the safest, most effective cleanse in the history of humankind: the hydration cleanse.

Hydration literally keeps us alive. Without water, our bodies begin to shut down within days and after a week, we’re dead. Without the benefits of lots of pure, clean water each day, our bodies cannot function physically or mentally.

Disadvantages of Dehydration

Cancer: Dehydration can increase your risk for certain types of cancer (breast, colon & bladder) as well as cardiovascular disease.

Drink for your life!

Obesity: Your body cannot flush out waste or toxins without sufficient water, so it stores everything in your fat cells.

Next time you feel like eating when you’re not hungry, reach for a tall glass of clean, pure water.

Athletic Performance: Your joints need water to strengthen the padding on your cartilage. Without it, they’ll feel weak, painful and stiff.

Hydration also speeds up healing of muscles and joints, so drink up before and after working out.

Premature Aging: Water keeps your skin supple. When you’re frequently dehydrated, it can begin to sag and wrinkle prematurely.

Drink lots of water to maintain plump, wrinkle-free skin, fight fatigue and battle skin disorders such as dermatitis and psoriasis. You’ll look and feel younger!

High Blood Pressure: When you’re dehydrated, there’s less water to dilute your blood. Blood gets thicker, restricting flow and elevating pressure.

Keep calm & sip on.

Increased Cholesterol: In order to prevent water loss from cells, your body produces extra cholesterol when it doesn’t receive enough hydration from outside sources.

Drink up to keep cholesterol down.

Allergies/Asthma: When dehydrated, your body creates more histamines, which cause allergies and congestion, and restricts airways to conserve water.

Take an allergy pill with that glass of water and call me in the morning.

Why Not?

Try the Coastal Carolina Water Hydration cleanse and watch as your body begins to shed weight and expel toxins, until you’re running as smoothly as a well-oiled machine. We can perform an in-home water test to evaluate whether your home or business would benefit from a water treatment system, and make recommendations for your unique treatment needs.

To start your Hydration Cleanse, call Coastal Carolina Water in Hampton Roads, Virginia as well as Camden, Currituck, Dare, Hyde, Tyrrell & all the counties of OBX, North Carolina.

Experience the physical and mental benefits of perfectly pure water, every day.