A Water Audit Could Save Your Plumbing

It can happen to anybody, anytime. It may take weeks, months, even years, but over time hard water will cause mineral deposits, such as lime & calcium, to build up on your plumbing appliances. Regular cleaning won’t erase this mess, and worse, it can cause permanent damage. If you’ve noticed a strange material coating your faucet or shower head, then it might be time for a water audit.

Call Coastal Carolina Water in OBX, NC & Hampton Roads, VA today for a free, in-home water test if you’ve noticed mineral deposits on your plumbing fixtures.

There are numerous catalysts that can result in visible build-up on your pipes, and there are numerous problems that can arise from such issues. In most cases, hard water is the culprit. Hard water is formed when water is filtered through calcium or magnesium, acquiring limestone deposits. This infusion of minerals becomes a cocktail of contaminants inside your pipes, and the situation is intensified when water heaters get involved.

Calcium & Water Heaters

When hard water is heated up and then cooled, the minerals within it drop out, sticking instead to the innards of your water heater and/or pipes. If left unchecked, this process can continue until the entire pipes are filled with solid calcium. You can see why this is the sort of problem that requires regular maintenance!

Calcium deposits vary based on the quality of water at your home or business. You may find that you need to clean your appliances once a month, a week, or even every day, depending on the severity of your water’s hardness. Inspect your sink closely; if you see crusty white chalk built up around the dispenser where the water comes out, then give us a call. We’ll perform a free in-home water test to determine the levels and types of contaminants in your system, and work with you on how to manage them.

Lime Scale & Showers

Just as water in your pipes cools down and leaves calcium particles everywhere, so does the water from your nice, hot shower. After you step out and switch off the lights, the water on the floor & wall of your bathtub cools and leaves lime scale, a slimy, whitish film. Often called soap scum, this buildup can ruin chrome faucets and cause inefficiency, just like calcium, and doesn’t look so great, either. A Water Softening treatment could be the answer to all of your prayers.

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