Water Treatment Equipment

Enjoy the freshest & purest in hydration when you trust Coastal Carolina Water.

Bottle-less Water Coolers
Our bottle-less (or bottle-free) water systems offer an alternative to traditional 5-gallon water bottles and coolers.

Bottle-free water coolers give you an unlimited supply of pure water and eliminates the need for bottle storage and the lifting of heavy 5-gallon water bottles. This system utilizes reverse osmosis water filtration technology to purify and disinfect your water.

Automatic Bottled Water System
Never Carry a Pot or Pitcher to the Water Cooler Again.

Imagine getting Le Bleu Ultra Pure Bottled Water from your kitchen or bathroom sink, your refrigerator delivering Ultra Pure Le Bleu water or ice cubes, and washing your fruits and vegetables at the sink with Le Bleu Ultra Pure water. With the Automatic Bottled Water System standard installation, Le Bleu water can be plumbed right to your kitchen sink, refrigerator, and master bath. For information on our service locations in Virginia and North Carolina, contact Coastal Carolina Water.

Flojet System
Get Le Bleu water from your 5 gallon bottle right to your sink.

Advantages include a float-switch for automatic shut-off when bottle is empty; a built-in check valve to prevent back flow; a universal seal cap fits most water containers; compact size for easy mounting; a 20 inch (6.1 m) discharge hose.

Shower Head Filters
Enjoy Chlorine-Free Showers.

Feel healthier and safer when you shower. Reduce irritated eyes, dry skin or unmanageable hair from chlorine. Warm water opens pores causing skin to act like a sponge. Studies show that the body can absorb more chlorine by taking a ten minute shower than by drinking eight glasses of the same water!

Shower Head Replacement Cartridge
Lower Utility Bills.

Le Bleu Shower Filtration System can save a family of four up to 20,000 gallons of water and about $200 a year in lowered utility bills. Over time, minerals and contaminants can build up in your shower head filter, reducing water pressure and affecting water purity. Replace your shower filter approximately every 6-12 months to help keep clean and pure water flowing in your shower.