What is Reverse Osmosis?

If you’re considering a water treatment system for your home or business, then we’re honored you’ve come to us!


We take water very seriously at Coastal Carolina Water in Hampton Roads, Virginia and all of the counties of the Outer Banks, North Carolina.

We don’t promote or provide a water treatment system or product unless we’re sure it’s the very best. And for those who only accept the very best, we recommend the Hague H6500 Reverse Osmosis Treatment System. This product is known to purify residential and commercial water systems so well it is often utilized not just for drinking and cooking, but also for life support machines.

With minimal upkeep (occasional filter replacements), this RO system filters out 99% of inorganic or dissolved solids, bacteria, ions, salt, molecules and particles, leaving you with two perfectly pure Hydrogen atoms and one Oxygen in your glass. We’ll drink to that!

The secret to this amazing power of filtration is that unlike most other Reverse Osmosis filtration systems, Hague utilizes a Five Step Purification process.

Here’s how it works:

Reverse Osmosis is the process of forcing a liquid through a semi permeable membrane at a high pressure, straining out all of the solids and impurities that are likely present in your public or well water.

1.For the Hague H6500, the first step is the Dual Function Pre Filter, a combination sediment and carbon filter which prevents clogging and chlorine damage to the membrane.

2. Next, the water is pushed along to the membrane via non-electric pump pressure. The water passes through and impurities are separated out and drained.

3. After that, the water moves down to the Prolong Contact Filter stage, during which additional gases or organic matter is removed.

4. Nearing the finish line, the water is stored in a holding tank, ready and waiting when you need it.

5. Just before the water passes out of the tank and into your glass, culinary creation or life support machine, it is pushed through yet another carbon post filter, ensuring a fresh and pure product, each and every time.

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