What Is That Gunk Building Up On My Faucet?

City water, well water, whatever kind of water runs through the pipes and appliances of your home or business, without proper maintenance and monitoring, all kinds of undesirables can creep into your system. Coastal Carolina Water in Hampton Roads, VA & the Outer Banks, NC is here to analyze your symptoms, diagnose your condition and prescribe a treatment.

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Check out our Prognoses below:


The Symptoms:
-Red, orange, yellow or brown slimy buildup on on plumbing fixtures & appliances
-Foul odor of rotten egg or sulfur
-Bad taste in water
-Oily sheen on surface of water

The Diagnosis: Iron Bacteria, common in well water.

The Treatment: We recommend the Hague Watermax® Whole Home Water Treatment System and the Hague Model 800 iron/sulfur filter with the Ozone generator option (Model 803) for your home or business. Only continuous maintenance and treatment can truly banish iron bacteria from your plumbing system.

Past “cures” that have been proven ineffective include:

-Shock Chorination: Steeping the water supply with high levels of chlorine for at least 12 hours to kill of the bacteria. This solution is only temporary, and the iron bacteria soon return.
-Iron Filters utilizing Air Injection: This method actually increases the bacterial slime and ends up enhancing the problem.

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The Symptoms:
-Cloudy residue on dishes or glass shower doors
-White, crystal-like deposits on plumbing fixtures
-Clothing looks dingy & wears out quickly after washing
-Showerheads clogged
-Soap scum buildup in shower and tub

The Diagnosis: Hard Water, caused by calcium, magnesium, and high levels of alkaline and silica.

The Treatment: We recommend the Watermax® Water Softening System for your home or business.

Risks of Letting this Issue go Untreated:

-Permanent damage to glass shower doors, plumbing fixtures & plumbing appliances such as coffee makers, dishwashers and washing machines.
-Spots and streaks on dishes
-Clogged pipes
-Increased water heater energy consumption due to lime scale buildup inside heater tank.

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