What’s Lurking in Your Well Water?

“What’s that smell?”

Have you ever filled a glass of water from your sink only to gag when trying to sip it? That horrible, choking odor of rotten eggs can mean a lot of things, but mostly it means it’s time to get your water quality analyzed.

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Most people are aware of the hazards associated with city water (contaminants, fluorides, hardness,etc.). However, a lot of people don’t realize that well water has undesirable additives, too. If you’ve got a well, you’ve probably also got iron bacteria.

Iron bacteria is a naturally occurring organism in water and brings with it some unpleasant side effects (such as the smell). As if that weren’t offensive enough, iron bacteria tends to leave a slimy brownish-red residue on your plumbing fixtures.

Sulfur may be present in your water system as well, and its presence may begin to foster a suitable environment for sulfur bacteria, which produces hydrogen sulfide (H2S). Both iron bacteria and sulfur give off the same unpleasant scent, but Hydrogen Sulfide is poisonous as well as flammable.

Call us today if you’re concerned that your home or business might be harboring dangerous elements or organisms in your well pipes, pumps and toilet tank. Even if you’re confident that your water is pure, it is still important to perform a water quality analysis test in order to determine whether any potentially dangerous contaminants are lurking beneath the surface.

Any water treatment solutions for iron bacteria and sulfur must cover the whole home’s plumbing and appliances, and should prevent any lingering odors in your pipes. The only real method of permanently removing iron bacteria or sulfur is by utilizing an ozone generator and a filter system.

If you think you’ve got iron bacteria or sulfur in your well water, you should consider some of the water treatment options offered by Coastal Carolina Water in Hampton Roads, Virginia as well as Northeastern North Carolina.