Why Does My Water Taste So Bad?


Imagine that the water flowing from your faucet was as pure and clear as bottled water, without the plastic aftertaste. You could bathe, cook and brew with that water, without a second thought about contaminants. Well water, city water, even the water that comes from your refrigerator door can be treated and purified, whether you realized it needed to be or not.

The potential contaminants in residential water may be putting you and your family at risk, while the plastic affects the taste of bottled water. That’s why the folks here at Coastal Carolina Water are so passionate about water quality. We only trust the certified, patented whole-home water treatment systems from Hague for one simple reason: they’re the best of both worlds. No plastic, no contaminants; just water.

Hague WaterMax® Water Softening: Commercial & Residential
This comprehensive water softener system by Hague is patented and highly efficient. When you use the WaterMax® Water Softener, you remove odors, dirt and sediment from your water, including chlorine, carbon, iron bacteria and many others that may affect the taste or potability of your water. Configure the system specifically to your water source and get the most out of your WaterMax®.

Hague Reverse Osmosis (RO): Commercial & Residential
This purification process results in such clean water that it can be used for life support machines in medical offices. Reduce the contaminants in the water at your home or office, such as Arsenic, Lead, Nitrates and Radium, among many others. Purify your water and drink bottle-quality water, without the bottle, when you use a Hague Reverse Osmosis System.

How safe is YOUR drinking water? Contact us today for your free in-home water test by Coastal Carolina Water in Hampton Roads, Virginia as well as Camden, Currituck, Dare, Hyde Tyrrell & all the counties of OBX, North Carolina.