Why You Should Filter All of Your Water (Not Just For Drinking)

Filling Pot With Clean Water

It’s no secret we are proponents of water filters. We are dedicated not only to providing clean, safe drinking water to homes and offices in the Outer Banks and South Hampton Roads areas, but we offer you the means to enjoy filtered water any time you want it. The water softening systems we sell and install are some of the best in the industry, and if you’ve considered a change for the new year we are happy to perform a home water analysis for you.

By now you’re aware of the benefits of drinking filtered water (we’ve certainly blogged quite a bit about it), but you might be asking if it’s all that important to use filtered water for everything you do around the house. We say yes. It’s important to consume water for good health, but filtered water for other uses brings you added advantages.

Water filters keep out unhealthy elements. In a whole house water treatment system, water flowing through all outlets are filtered. This means you won’t find any residue and rust from city water pipes, pesticide and chemical runoff, or any of the other thousands of pollutants that threaten your water. Just as an air filter in your HVAC system helps keep your home clean, so does a water filtration system. It’s one step taken toward a healthier home, and well-run appliances.

Think about the things that use water in your home – your dishwasher, clothes washer, and even your water heater. The cleaner the water flowing through them, the less likely you’ll encounter problems. You could save money on repairs and replacement of appliances.

Filtered water is better for cooking. If you drink bottled water at home, you might still use tap water when you fill your spaghetti pot or add water to recipes. With a filtration system, you have less contaminants in your water, and in turn you can improve the taste and quality of your meals.

Filtration systems can save space, and money. Okay, let’s say you do use bottled water for your coffee maker and other cooking purposes. If you buy several gallons at once, you lose counter and pantry space, and in times of severe weather you have to be quick to stock up. Over time, too, you’ll find the money you spend for bottles is better invested in a good filtration system. That also means fewer trips to the store.

Filtered water is better for your skin. Pollutants in untreated water can end up inside you and on you. If you prefer to drink filtered water, why wash clothes or your body in water that isn’t getting the same treatment? A whole house water system solves this problem.

Contact us today for more information on our free water quality analysis for your Outer Banks, Northeastern North Carolina, or South Hampton Roads home, and start the new year with healthier water options for you, your home and your family.